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CEG offers Corporate Training and Consulting, as well as traditional and virtual instructor-led courses in management and leadership, project management, business analysis, business process management, agile/scrum, and lean six sigma.

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C O R P O R AT E E D U C AT I O N G R O U P 7 6 Training Video Quick-Takes Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations (3:18) When faced with a difficult conversation, controlling the way you express your emotions, using active listening, and maintaining positive body language can determine whether the outcome of the discussion is positive or negative. Leadership: It's a State of Mind (2:37) Defining the leader in you does not happen overnight, but you can learn how to identify your personal leadership style and sharpen your skills so your true talents shine. White Papers & Articles 10 Things Every New Manager Needs to Know Take advantage of the wisdom of other managers who have gone before you. Here are 10 things veteran managers wish they had known when they first started managing others. Time Management: Survival Skills for Even the Busiest Professionals Time management skills are essential for personal and professional success. Are you sick of feeling like you're in a constant frenzy of activity, but still achieving very little? Here are some simple time management tips that will help. Webinars Power to Wow! — Techniques for Successful Presentations (43:52) Regardless of your position, you will occasionally be required to present information to others. Whether the presentation is impromptu, casual, or formal, you must be able to demonstrate confidence and clarity to effectively deliver your message. This webinar will provide you with key steps and practical tips that will help you present information, your ideas, and projects professionally to engage audiences in meetings, con - ferences, keynote addresses, and client situations. Emotional Intelligence: A Different Kind of Smart (61:11) Emotional intelligence – also known as EQ – has evolved into a must-have skill. In this webinar, we define the four components of emotional intelligence, discuss why it matters, explore how to leverage it and what you can do to increase your own EQ. The Mind Shift Required to Lead Successfully in a Virtual World (49:17) For leaders, the world of virtual work continues to of- fer new challenges as the traditional skills of "manag- ing by walking around" and face-to-face connections have been replaced by email, instant messages, and conference calls. This webinar focuses on how to help leaders re-connect with their virtual teams by explor - ing the mind shift required, as well as the systems, work processes, and leadership practices that must change to lead successfully in the virtual world. Boosting Resilience and Well-being (64:17) Stress and burnout are all around us, if we don't learn how to effectively manage it, and empower our team members to do so as well, we are at risk for high attri - tion, increased illness and sick time, and decreased job satisfaction and performance. In this webinar, we will explore tools, tips and techniques for reducing, effec - tively managing, and recovering from the stress and burnout that plague us and our teams. M A N AG E M E N T A N D L E A D E R S H I P R E S O U R C E S

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