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CEG offers Corporate Training and Consulting, as well as traditional and virtual instructor-led courses in management and leadership, project management, business analysis, business process management, agile/scrum, and lean six sigma.

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C O R P O R AT E E D U C AT I O N G R O U P 7 7 Training Video Quick-Takes Change Management: Keeping Your Project's End Users Happy (3:09) This video illustrates how change management, or organizational readiness, can enable project teams to effectively implement change and meet end user expectations. The Power of Mind Mapping for Project Management (2:35) Learn how mind mapping can be a powerful tech - nique to help project managers organize information, gather requirements, make decisions or plan. Improve Stakeholder Management and Communication (2:34) Improve stakeholder management by creating a communication management subsidiary plan to ensure stakeholder communication lines remain open throughout the project. White Papers & Articles How to Improve Everyday Project Management Skills for Any Busy Professional Understand the value of using a simple, practical approach to project management that will help the "everyday project manager" effectively work on and m anage projects successfully. Webinars Strategic Leadership: What It Takes to Succeed in a Project Management Oversight Role (55:44) This webinar focuses on the skill set and mindset needed for project managers who are ready to move into the oversight level. This position requires leader - ship that is centered on a basis of trust; thinking and acting strategically; engaging in critical thinking; and using effective communication to foster innovation and facilitate organizational change, risk management, proactive planning, and root-cause analysis. Fire and Ice! How Agile and Traditional Practices Can Coexist and Complement Each Other (59:52) By breaking down the methodologies into smaller components, this webinar explores how the ingre - dients of traditional and agile can be blended more easily, doing away with dogmatic approaches.analysis. Project TLC: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication (59:39) Most project managers have returned to the office realizing that what worked with teams in the past will unlikely support project success in the future. Project managers leading project teams in the new, hybrid business environment must develop new skills to LEAD using four simple strategies: Listening, Encour - aging, Acting, and Delegating. This webinar introduc- es simple techniques that will enhance project team behavior and group dynamics and improve project team members' awareness and accountability. The Project Coach: How to Develop Others While Getting Work Done (58:02) For project managers, coaching others has evolved as an essential skill needed alongside leading project team members. But with so much to do and so lit - tle guidance, how do project managers successfully stretch and develop others while getting the work done? This webinar covers successful coaching tips that can be incorporated into routine interactions with project team members while ensuring the delivery of successful project results. To learn more about our program area resources, go to P R O J E C T M A N AG E M E N T R E S O U R C E S

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